to my very dear former-lover!

Dear my former-lover,

I remember that I’ve told you many times “Life is all about making choices”, so I chose to live a happy life and you chose to be sad and criticised about our past. I know that I don’t have any right and I also don’t want to judge your decision; but please listen to me one last time (if you don’t wanna hear from me anymore). From the deepest of my heart, I always want to see you live a happy life like me; although we live in different situations and families, but happy or not is all about our choice. I got so many bad lucks last year, I got big accidents, I broke my arm, I broke my leg, I lost money for very stupid things; but at last I decide to see those problem a different way, and I feel OK with that then I get over them. Why can’t you do that?

You said you wanted to have a new boy friend but you could not let anyone to be yours. Please give that guy a chance! Giving other a chance is giving yourself a chance in return. You should try to open your heart to other people and let the past goes. By doing so, you can find your happiness and your love. I’m not a cold-hearted as I try to show to other people.  From deep inside, I remember every single moments we had together; I keep every photos we took and gifts your gave me; my family sometimes ask me about you and they also want to meet you. We all want you to be happy!

You should not compare yourself to others, because you deserve a special place in my heart and in my mind forever. You will not be forgotten and I will always be there to help you. Don’t ever think you are worse than anyone else because you have things that other does not have and you are special in your very own way! You just need to be strong, try to grow up in thinking and open your heart to others; then you will find your true happiness.

I don’t know if you will ever pass by my side, but those are all the things I want to tell you. I chose to be happy with my life, and you should also do so. I always want you to be happy, I don’t want to see you sad or depress, It hurts me badly. Be strong and be calm, your heart will guide you to the right path of your life!

With so much love!

Your former-boyfriend!

One thought on “to my very dear former-lover!

  1. Chào bạn, mình vừa đọc đến bài này của bạn và không ngăn nổi bản thân comment vài dòng, hy vọng bạn không phiền.
    Đọc những dòng bạn viết làm mình nhớ đến một người bạn cũ mình, Quan điểm của người ấy giống hệt bạn, còn mình thì chắc giống “former-lover” của bạn 🙂
    Không biết “former-lover” của bạn thế nào, nhưng mình muốn nói với bạn về những cảm nhân của mình. Mình cũng muốn được vui vẻ,được ‘happy’, nhưng không phải cố gắng là được, vì dù cố gắng đến thế nào mình cũng không cảm thấy vui được, vì mọi chuyện rất tệ, rất tệ…
    Cuối cùng thì người bạn ấy của mình cũng từ bỏ mình vì mình thuộc loại không cứu vãn nữa.
    Anyway, xin lỗi vì đã comment nhảm, nhưng đúng là mình không thể ngăn nổi bản thân 🙂

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