through the big window, i see life

regarding the daily prompt topic “landscape”, I wanna share a little story of my daily life.

every time I have free time, I usually think of what I should do and where I should go. sometimes I call my friends to hang out, and most of the times I end up being alone at one of favourite cafeterias. I often choose to sit near the window ,to enjoy my loneliness. The reflection of the light on the glass melt with the reality outside. the light’s reflection, motorbikes, human-beings, neon signs all come together to make a huge picture of busy crowded urban life. I seat behind the window with my book, a cup of cappuccino and music. There is no familiar faces around, just loneliness and me.

people would think that’s a coward moment and no one wanna be in that situation, but me. I really enjoy it and it’s kind of make me release my stress after work, wash away my tiredness of love, get back my life’s balance. through the big window of my favourite cafeteria, I see many things of life and see many things in my mind.



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