I define “love” as simple as possible

another Daily Prompt with such an interesting topic I Want To Know What Love Is.

I’ve been dating with my love for around 1.5 years. It’s not short but also not long enough to have a so call big-plan-for-tomorrow. I just simply in love with my lover and feel it around me everyday. Honestly, I’m not a romantic person; I’m more like a realistic and very straight-forward to the point. I don’t like romantic dinner, flower, gift, or silly stuffs people normally do. I also don’t need my lover to meet me everyday, it just make me tired and easy to get mad; even more it’s make me think that meeting each other is an obligation not the willingness.

We are both very busy with our work, I always try to save time for my lover but it’s not the same in return. I often got cancellation at the very last minutes from my lover and I turn out to be alone somewhere in the big city. To me, love is just simple. we can meet only once a week or every once every two weeks, but we must make sure it will give us joy, happiness, relax, and it’s time to share our life, work, good things and also “shitty” things. I don’t need a fancy dinner or romantic night, they’re all sucked because people try to make it becomes a so-call “good dream”; but we are living in a messy, fast, crowded city, let’s it be real and accept it. I just need a morning with my lover at a cafeteria, have a little chitchat, enjoy the fresh air of the morning with coffee and tea, then we go to work. It’s real, simple, and good enough.

Love is real, don’t make it become a dream. If you wanna make it a dream, when you “wake-up” someday you will be very disappointed.

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